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Electric linear control valve actuator retrofit.

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  A Zero Emission replacement for natural gas powered pneumatic devices currently used to control valves. Eliminate methane and volatile organic compound emissions, remove old expensive technology and prioritize your investment to maximize your ROI and profits. These actuators are designed to control valves in on/off applications and modulating control applications. This product exceeds the recommendations of the Oil and Natural Gas Sector
New Source Performance Standards and National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants. CFR : 40 CFR 60 & 40 CFR 63

A low cost, easy to install, field ready, Retrofit to eliminate the need for all types of pneumatic devices used for valve actuation.

NEW ZERO Emission Electric Control Valve Retrofit
easy to install retrofit zeroe valve actuator
Economical and Easy Installation

Zero Lost Gas
Zero Expensive Pneumatic Air System
Zero Air quality issues
Zero Emission Inventory and Reporting
Tight Responsive control
Use Low or High Voltage 12VDC-230VAC
Use 4-20 or 0-10 VAC Control Signal
Feedback to Control System
Explosion Proof NEMA 4,4X,7,9 enclosure

linear electric actuator

Several Units working in field for over a year!
      modulating zero emission control valve              on off zero emission control valve
                        Modulating          or           On/Off


Typical Control Valve
standard control valve configuration

Methane and VOC Emitting Technology

Many Components Required
Extensive Tubing
Line Taps
Controller and Positioner Required
High-Bleed / Low-Bleed
Loss of sellable product
Possible Required Emissions Measurement and Reporting
Extensive Tubing and Fittings
Electric actuated API6A Choke Valve zeroemissionvalve.com
API 6A Choke Vavle Package

field install zero emission actuator on off zero emission valve actuator