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Eliminating the emission of methane and other volatile organic compounds from gas powered pneumatic devices throughout the oil and gas industry by providing a NEMA 7 explosion proof electric linear actuator
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  A Zero Emission alternative to common gas powered pneumatic devices used to control valves in the oil and gas industry.  Eliminates the emission of methane and other volatile organic compounds into atmosphere and provides control of valves in on/off applications and modulating control applications. Addressing the Oil and Natural Gas Sector New Source Performance Standards and National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants. CFR : 40 CFR 60 & 40 CFR 63  
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New Source Performance Standards Oil and Natural Gas Sector
April 17th EPA Overview Reducing Air Pollution from O&G Industry
Complete Document July 2011
Section 5 Pneumatic Devices

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Leaking Profits by Susan Harvey, Harvey Consulting LLC
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Options For Reducing Methne Emissions from Pneumatic Devices
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Sell your Product or Vent it to Atmosphere?

High-Bleed          Loss = 140,000 scf/yr per device

Low-Bleed          Loss = 56,000 scf/yr per device

ZEROe                   Loss = 0 scf/yr

based on data from the EPA Lessons Learned from Natural Gas Star Partners : Options for reducing methane emissions from pneumatic devices.
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Average Bleed Rates for NG Sector
Canadian Petroleum Association Study
Source: A Detailed Inventory of CH4 and VOC Emissions From Upstream Oil and Gas Operation in Alberta

average bleed rates for ng sector continous bleed devices
methane emissions from pneumatic devices per year
Total Estimated Methane Emissions per year - 61 Bcf